Our payment gateways compared

This table compares the payment gateways that Making Music Platform supports.

  Stripe PayPal
Set-up fee none
Set-up time Around 10 minutes
Around 10 minutes
Transaction fee
1.5% 3.4% 
Transaction fee
70p 20p
To set up an account 1.  Log into your Making Music Platform as a webmaster.
2.  On the Admin Dashboard, scroll down to the Financials heading, and click on  the Connect to Stripe
Payment Gateway 
link to the right of this in the Admin Pages column.
3.  On the Connect to Stripe Payment Gateway page, click on the Connect with Stripe button, and fill out your details. Click the Authorize access to this account button at the foot of the page when you're done.
Set up a PayPal account at www.paypal.com,
1. Log into your Making Music Platform as a webmaster.
2. Click on the cog icon at the top-right of the page to take you to the Website Setup and Configuration page.
3. Click on the "cog" icon next to Making Music Platform.
4. On the Making Music Platform Details page, click on the Payments tab.
5.  Scroll down to the PayPal account/email address field and enter your PayPal account name.
Ease of Use The site visitor (the person making the payment) never leaves your group's website.  A simple pop-up appears asking for credit card details.
The visitor is taken AWAY from your website to the PayPal website, where they are obliged to log in or create an account, and THEN make the payment, and then return to your site.
Retrieval of received funds Funds are automatically transferred to your nominated bank account a couple of days after the payment is received.
You need to periodically log into your PayPal account and manually initiate a transfer of funds to your bank account.


Why does MM/Harmonysite charge an extra 50p for Stripe payments?

As HarmonySite has built the whole financial sub-system of the Making Music Platform (Merchandise, event tickets, member invoicing and donations), and made it available to Making Music Platform users for no extra charge, the extra surcharge is the way HarmonySite is compensated for that.