How much time do we need to set it up?

This will vary from group to group, depending on how many of the features you are using and how many people you have working on it. Different approaches will work for different groups.

As a rough rule of thumb, we think a few people each working for a few hours per week could have a full Making Music Platform up and running in a couple of months. Some basic guidelines are:

  • More than one person working on it will definitely be helpful.
  • A team of three with one leading is probably ideal – more than three can work but be wary of cooks and broths.
  • Plan of what you want to use your Making Music Platform for - the system is modular – so you might decide, for example, to just use the member database, rehearsal attendance tracking and emails first of all – then add member invoicing, and sheet music tracking later down the line.
  • The team doing the work might be small – but involving the full committee in planning what tools you want to take advantage of is a good idea.
  • Once you know how you want to use your MM platform having a clear plan for the order you will go about setting things up is a good idea
  • The team can (and will almost certainly have to) work remotely – but some face to face sessions might be useful.