Alkborough Choir

Alkborough Choir currently sings three/four part material (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone). The choir sings music in a variety of styles, ranging from traditional choral music to lighter popular music and gospel. The majority of the performances are a capella (unaccompanied) but the Choir has combined with other choirs or local orchestras to perform larger works. The Choir meets for practices in Alkborough, at 7.30 pm, most Fridays between September and May with a break over the summer months. At present fees are £35 a year which covers the cost of the rehearsal room and music. Most performances take place in venues around North Lincolnshire. The choir does not audition new members, but potential members are invited to come for a few weeks to see if they like the set up, and to see if their voices fit in with the choir. There is no requirement for members to read music or demonstrate any particular standard, but we are looking for voices which will blend into the choir’s sound.


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