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The first year of your Making Music Platform will cost £259, this includes a £99 annual fee, a £145 set up fee and a £15 one off fee for an SSL certificate. Each subsequent year will cost £99.  

Will you be using Making Music Platform as a public facing website, or do you just want to add the 'members login area' and 'admin tools' to your existing website? 

Would you like us to import your membership data to your Making Music Platform?

Optional add-ons

If you would like any of the optional add-on services with your Making Music Platform please select them below. We will include these on your invoice. We will automatically add an SSL certificate to the invoice (£15 one off fee) and more information about what an SSL certificate is and why you need one can be found in our Making Music Platform FAQS.

The optional extras can be added at anytime - so if you're not sure right now you can wait and add them whenever you are ready.

Organisation Details

Billing address

In order to send invoices for the MM Platform Service we will need a billing address. This can be the groups registered address or, if the group does not have a registered address, then this can be an individual’s address.

This address will be added to our records as a billing address only and will not be used for any other purposes except on the top of any MM Platform related  invoices.

If you select to use another individuals address then please note that this person will also be invited to join the Making Music website (if they are not already listed as a member) so that they can take advantage of the members only content.

Existing website and social media

If you have an existing website and social media accounts please enter the details below. 

In order to set up your platform we will need to know the address you would like to use for your new public facing website/members area. If you want to use the Full public facing website and the Platform will be replacing your existing website then this address can be the same as your existing website.

As you have requested the Domain name management extra we also need to know if you will/have already registered the domain name (website address you want to use for your Making Music Platform) or if you need Making Music to register the above domain name for you when we set up your Platform.

What do you call your management committee?

(e.g 'Committee', 'Board of Directors' or something else?)


How many ensembles does your group have?

For example: if within your group you have a youth choir and an adult choir that would be two ensembles. If you had a youth band, a training band a main band that would be three.  

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