Congratulations to the Nottingham Performing Arts Library Service!

We're delighted to announce that Nottingham Performing Arts Library Service (NPALS)'s re-vamped, online sheet music hire service has bagged Nottingham City Council a Hearts for the Arts Award for Best Local Authority Arts Initiative.

NPALS was launched last year, combining the well-used music and drama sets services of Nottingham and Leicester City Libraries under a single online catalogue, allowing users to browse, search and book sets in real time and reserve sets up to a year in advance.

The system was created in order to increase the reach and reduce the cost to the council of the combined services, ensuring they could continue to provide the vital service while covering its own running costs within two years.

“An outstanding initiative demonstrating resourceful and creative thinking, outside of the box.” - Awards judge Chi-chi Nwanoku OBE

We're especially pleased with the award because it was Making Music that nominated Nottingham City Council and NPALS! We think the system is an excellent initiative that could provide a model for other local authorities and we encourage any groups in Nottingham/shire and Leicester/shire/Rutland to make use of it.