A Culture Strategy for Scotland - Conversation summary

Since June 2017, the Scottish Government have been speaking to artists, cultural organisations and communities across the country in the first stage of developing a  culture strategy for Scotland. The culture strategy will create an overarching framework to support the long term development of culture in Scotland.

As part of this process, cultural organisations like Making Music were asked to host a Culture Conversation, to gather the views of our members on what is important to you about culture in Scotland.  As our membership is widely spread throughout Scotland, we surveyed our members online, to give everyone a chance to share their thoughts.

 An anonymised summary of the responses has been collated and was sent to the Culture Strategy team in late November. We think the findings are useful as a snapshot of our sector and to hear the experiences of our members and so we are pleased to share it here.

The next stage of development will be the publication of a draft strategy, to which responses will be invited. There is no deadline for this but we will consult again with members when it is presented to us.

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