Register for the World Choir Games 2016

The World Choir Games 2016 take place in Sochi in Russia in July – register by 1 December. Or opt for the 3rd European Choir Games in Riga, in July 2017

So you and your choir fancy a challenge? They don't come greater than the World Choir Games which in July 2016 will take place in Sochi, Russia. Every two years this massive competition comes to a different continent and the last ones were in Riga, in Latvia.

With 29 different categories, for all types of voice choirs and for any kind of repertoire from Rock to A Cappella, Jazz to Sacred, you can compete with others in what you are good at

There's more: as the hosts anticipate much interest from visiting singers in their country, they have put together a concert tour for which you can sign up as an individual. Conducted by renowned choral directors and singing in the company of others from across the world, you will tour to St Petersburg and Moscow. To take part in that, sign up to the World Festival Singers

Sign up for the World Choir Games here by Tuesday 1 December. Or if all your planning is done for 2016, how about the 2017 European Choir Games, again in Riga?

In both those types of events there are also lots of non-competitive opportunities to perform and attend workshops, and above all to get a feel for the vast international choral movement and be part of a singing movement that spans all cultures and countries.