Welcome to our new corporate supporter Score Exchange

Our newest corporate supporter introduces services for buying and selling sheet music

Score Exchange is an international marketplace for buying and selling sheet music. Featuring over a million pages of music, performers of any ability can find interesting new sheet music to download and print at www.scoreexchange.com

Selling your compositions or arrangements

The idea behind Score Exchange is to offer composers and arrangers a place to sell their work for a fair price - anyone can become a music publisher at Score Exchange. To get started you just need to register for a seller account and start uploading your scores. You can also upload an audio file to go with your sheet music. There's no cost involved in publishing your music - you can do all this for free!

Once your scores are live on the website they will be added to the extensive catalogue of fantastic music, which is available to purchase. Customers can then visit the website, preview a watermarked version of the music and then make a purchase if they like what they hear/see.

Buying sheet music

Score Exchange is a great resource for musicians of all disciplines. As well as arrangements of popular songs by famous pop groups, renowned classical composers and time honoured folk writers, there is a breadth of music by lesser-known music makers.

As anyone can publish a score at Score Exchange, there is a massive archive of interesting compositions and arrangements for a large variety of ensembles and musical groups. If you’re looking for an unusual arrangement, or a simplified version of something famous, then Score Exchange could be the place for you.

The Score Exchange catalogue contains pretty much any national anthem in the world, arrangements like Jingle bells for tuba quartet - and who doesn't love Score Exchange originals like the famous Lone Ar-ranger.

To get started buying or selling sheet music online, visit Score Exchange today.

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