Access and Inclusion: Welcoming new people by building diversity and inclusion

Music making and experiencing music as an audience member are rich social experiences that connect participants. To build a group or audience that is more diverse and inclusive, thinking about how you invite, recruit and welcome people is crucial. 

Access and inclusion: Planning and running accessible and inclusive activities

This resource is about planning and running events that are accessible and inclusive. ‘Events’ in this resource means any activity where people come together that a Making Music member group might run including: 

  • A rehearsal 
  • A performance 
  • A meeting 
  • A workshop 
  • A social event 
  • An online event 

In this resource we will be considering the general set-up of any event. 

Access and inclusion: Links to specialist resources

When you are developing accessible and inclusive activity and practice, it’s important to connect with the knowledge and experience of people with direct experience of barriers.

This resource lists some of the specialist organisations who provide resources, service and training. Use these links to find out more about any challenges specific to your members or that you are likely to find in your community.  

Access and inclusion: Creating an accessible and inclusive group

Everyone who plays music and sings, or who is a regular concert attendee knows the value of these activities – for their happiness, health, social lives and the richness of the life of their community. But as people who organise music activities and events, how can we make these benefits accessible to everyone who would like to take part, and make our group environments inclusive and diverse?

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