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INCLUDE: Diversity and classical music in North Lincolnshire

Marian Pearson, Chair of Scunthorpe and North Lincolnshire Concert Society (SNLCS), tells us how they’re revitalising classical m

INCLUDE: Enriching community through diversity

Mike Cocke, Secretary of the Luton Choral Society writes about how they are embracing diversity to grow their membership.

INCLUDE: The Great Bowden Recital Trust's inclusive journey

Sue Benson, Managing Trustee of the Great Bowden Recital Trust, tells us about their participation in our INCLUDE programme and t

Glossary of LGBTQ+ terms

There are many terms related to LGBTQ+ issues and it might seem overwhelming at first. But fret not - this glossary should help you better understand your LGBTQ+ members as you work on getting your music group to be more diverse and welcoming.

Working with transgender singers

Working with transgender singers in your music group might be a new experience, but breaking it down into smaller steps would better enable you to support your transgender members on their music making journey.

In practical terms, much of the guidance from our LGBTQ+ inclusion guide is applicable when working with transgender singers. This guide, written by Dr Kathleen Cronie and Dr Michael Bonshor, will provide some extra information about the following questions:

LGBTQ+ inclusion guide

Sometimes LGBTQ+ people encounter barriers to getting involved in music making, but by making some simple adjustments to your practice you can work towards creating a more inclusive environment where they can thrive in your group.

Coming out to your music group

Michelle Devon, member of the Exeter Festival Chorus and Axminster Choral Society, talks to us about how her music groups accepte

Webinar: INCLUDE programme launch

In this recording of our webinar (original event 25 September 2023), Making Music launched INCLUDE, our 18-month inclusion programme where we will work with four member groups to explore what leisure-time music groups can do to include more people, from a more diverse demographic, in their regular activities.

Making a concert experience more inclusive

Traditional concert environments are not always the easiest places for people to come in, but by thinking creatively we can remove many of the barriers that stop people being able to come.

Removing barriers to participation

At the heart of your music making is the people, whether that's members, potential members or audiences. But if you're struggling to attract new people or keep your current people engaged, could there be barriers that you're unaware of?

Use the resources below to review and make the changes you need to welcome more people.

These resources aren't exhaustive, and we're constantly reviewing, updating and adding to them. We would be happy for you to contact us with suggestions