Webinar recording: MMSafe - BOPA for Child Performance Licensing

In this recording of our webinar, we introduced the new Making Music Safe service in partnership with Brass Bands England (BBE), which will provide members with the information and tools required to comply with legislation around child performance.

MMSafe safeguarding service

The tailor-made child licensing service, making it easier for you to include young people in your performances

What is MMSafe?

Making Music's MMSafe service offers members access to a national BOPA (Body of Persons Approval) covering England and Wales, administered by Brass Bands England but for all types of music groups, as a low admin option. This comprehensive programme provides you with all the necessary resources, tools and training you need to navigate the challenges of safeguarding for your leisure-time music group.

The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)

This resource is about using Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks in England and Wales as part of safeguarding when working with people and groups at risk, such as children or vulnerable adults. 

For broader information on the topic of safeguarding children, see our guidance covering the main principles and your responsibilities.

DBS Check Service

Use our simple online form to request a DBS check pack for processing via our disclosures service.

Safeguarding training course

We have teamed up with the Child Protection Company to develop an online safeguarding course designed specifically for leisure-time music groups, available to Making Music members at a discounted rate.

The course is a valuable opportunity for music group organisers to gain relevant and pertinent information about safeguarding today. Thought provoking scenarios used in the course ensure that appropriate awareness of safeguarding is the learning outcome of the course. - Andrew Adam, Congleton Youth Orchestra

Child licensing issues for music groups: where are we at?

Child licensing is increasingly an issue for music groups – what is happening to help with that situation, asks Barbara Eifler, Executive Director of Making Music.

Criminal record checks in Scotland

Criminal record checks in Scotland are managed by Disclosure Scotland and involve a different process to that in England, Northern Ireland and Wales.

Safeguarding: what are your responsibilities?

This overview guidance will help your music group understand its safeguarding responsibilities and how to put the right safeguards in place so that you can offer a safe environment for the children you work with and provide the right support for staff, volunteers and members.