local authority

Webinar recording: Understanding and influencing parish and town councils in England and Wales

In this recording of our webinar (original event 20 October 2023), we learned about how local authorities work, and what music groups can do to influence their decision-making.

May elections 2023: ask your local council to help your music group

In May, there are local elections in some parts of England (4 May), and in Northern Ireland (18 May).

Councillor Funds index

Many local councils have funding available for individual counsellors to allocate to projects and community organisations in their area. Exactly how the funding is used from one council to the next does vary, but common themes are: 
• Helping local organisations to improve the lives and wellbeing of people in the area 
• Encouraging the development of, and active participation in, community activities

Local Authority arts funding index

Local Authorities (LAs) often have multiple grants available over short periods alongside extra help like guidance, advice, and links to other contacts in the area. Although we cover some LA grants in our Funding Finder tool, we've also put together the tables below as a quick and easy way of finding the relevant page on your Local Authority's website for all they have to offer in the way of help.

The evidence bank

A range of reports, resources and further reading that provide evidence of the wide-ranging benefits (to individuals and communities) of lesiure-time music. Useful for funding applications, campaigns and general advocacy.