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PRS video guides (part 1): What are PRS fees?

Part 1 of our two-part video series on Performing Rights Fees (PRS): what they are and whether you need to pay them.


Watch Part 2: Paying PRS fees

Performing rights (PRS) royalties tariff: 1 Nov 2016 – 31 Oct 2017

The tariff to be used by Making Music members when paying performing rights royalties to PRS when renewing membership for 2018.

Performing Rights (PRS) FAQs

If you are putting on a public performance of music you may have to pay royalty fees. It is important that you understand what you obligations are and that you are paying any fees where necessary.

How to pay performing rights (PRS) fees

This guidance will outline when you need to pay performing rights fees and how to pay them.

Performing Rights (PRS) declaration slip

You must complete a PRS declaration slip for every concert where you pay royalty fees through Making Music.

Performing Rights (PRS) for dramatico-musical works

If you're performing dramatico-musical works (e.g. an opera, musical, revue, pantomime or ballets) then Grand Rights apply and additional permissions must be sought be required.

Using music online

This guidance provides a simple guide to some of the issues surrounding the use of music online. For the most up-to-date and comprehensive information we advise you to consult PRS for Music.