Covid resources: Overview

Although governments' Covid measures are no longer in place, the virus is still prevalent in the UK and it may take some time until things are completely back to normal. So we've updated our Covid resources and added new ones to help you, as we learn to live with Covid

To find out what living with Covid means for your group, guidance on what measures you could take to minimise the spread of Covid, and to access risk assessment templates, have a look at our new resources for performances and rehearsals.

COVID-19 safety guidance poster templates

To help music groups plan in-person rehearsals, we have created some Covid-19 safety poster templates that you can put up around your venue to remind members of best practice safety guidelines. Below you will find four poster templates for groups, all of which can be customised and branded with your own logo.

Check out the new resources!

Are you looking for something to help you with running your group, or a particular task such as paying PRS fees or fundraising?