Planning for the future: finance

Covid-19 has thrown a lot of musical activity up in the air, and people will be looking to chairs and treasurers for guidance and reassurance about group finances. That doesn’t mean that you have to have all the answers. But before you communicate any information: be confident about what you do know and clear about what you cannot know at this time, and this will help to inspire confidence in your members.

Top tips for treasurers

The position of treasurer in an amateur music group is an important one – they are the person who receives money and makes payment on behalf of the group, and keeps an eye on the bank balance to make sure that the group remains solvent.

Example committee role descriptions

Committee or management teams tend to work best with clear and defined roles. The simplest way to do this is to have a role description for each position on the committee or management team. It means whoever is in the role understands what their job is and what they are responsible for, helps all members to understand what everyone does and can be invaluable if an occasional territorial disputes crops up.

Group accounts template

We have put together an accounts template to help you manage your finances.