The Making Music Council

Annual council meetings are one of the opportunities you have as a group, through your Making Music Group Representative (MM Group Rep), to meet Making Music staff and Board members and discuss the future direction of your association.

Report from council meetings 2021

In 2021 there was one, bigger Council meeting online, once again allowing more members to attend without having to travel.

Members had the chance to talk directly to staff and Board members of Making Music about expectations for their association and its future direction. We focused on how members use the Making Music website and what they would like it to do, ahead of our new site launch in 2022. Discussions also covered restarting music group activity after the Covid-19 pandemic.

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What is the Making Music Council?

Perhaps your group pays its annual membership fee and gets some useful info or services in return, but you have a feeling you could be getting more out of it, or you think that Making Music should be doing something about a particular issue. Or maybe you wonder what Making Music’s plans are for future services and campaigns?

Whatever your level of Making Music or music group experience, council meetings offer the chance to give your views to staff and Board members on specific challenges or future plans, and share challenges that might prevent your group being as successful as it could be.

All MM Group Reps have a place on the Making Music Council and are invited to council meetings. If your MM Group Reps can’t make it, you can nominate someone else to attend - just let us know.

Council meetings are held during the summer, and at least one member of the Making Music staff and Board of Trustees are present at all meetings. In the autumn, we give feedback on how the meetings have informed our plans by sharing our report on the council meetings online.