How does the Making Music DBS scheme work?

Making Music acts as an umbrella body for the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), handling applications on behalf of our members and any organisation based in England or Wales wishing to apply for DBS checks.

All DBS checks requested via Making Music are completed online via an online portal run by a company called GBG. The first time you request an online DBS check a registration fee (£5 for members, £7.50 for non-members) will be payable. This is a one off fee and you will not have to pay it for any future checks. The process will work as follows (more detailed guidance for each step will be provided when you order a check). 

  1. Verifier requests DBS checks from Making Music
  2. Verifier is set-up with online GBG account
  3. Verifier emails applicant(s) though online account with request to complete online form
  4. Applicant completes online form
  5. Applicant and Verifier meet and check documents Verifier completes verification part of online form
  6. Online form sent directly to DBS
  7. Making Music invoice for check(s)
  8. DBS contacts applicant with check outcome