Membership options and costs

Group membership is open to any leisure-time music making or promoting groups, regardless of repertoire or size. Whether you sing Bach or Gary Barlow, play the lute or the steel pans – if it’s a leisure-time music group you are welcome to join Making Music.

There are two different types of membership for groups

  • Full
  • Associate

The different benefits for each category are as below.

Full members

  • are entitled to lower insurance premiums through Making Music Insurance Services
  • have voting rights at Making Music’s AGM
  • members of Full member groups can stand for election as a Making Music Board member

Associate members

  • pay higher insurance premiums than full members, and are only eligible for insurance if they make music on an amateur/voluntary basis and it is not their main source of income. See Insurance for music groups for more information.
  • do not have voting rights at Making Music’s AGM

What do you get for your membership?

Have a look at the wide range of benefits available with your membership from practical services like insurance, PRS collection and Orchestra Tax Relief services, resources on the governance and marketing of your group to project and broadcast opportunities and more.

Which membership type should we get?

I'm starting a new group

Groups who are just starting out can still qualify for Full membership. We have a special discount for new groups to help get you started with our model constitution. The best thing to do is contact us directly to discuss options.

My group is established

If your group has a constitution (governing document) that includes the following points, you can apply as a Full member:

  • Establishes musical aims for your group
  • Establishes your group as a not-for-profit organisation and prohibits the division of profits or assets to any members, both as part of the group activities and upon dissolving the group
My group doesn't meet the criteria for either of the above

If your group does not currently meet the criteria above you can either:

  • Join as an Associate member
  • Apply for Full membership and we will help you through the process of meeting the criteria.

Professional groups/ensembles:

Our services are primarily for leisure-time music groups. Professional bands and ensembles are welcome to join us as Associate members, but can’t take out an insurance policy with us.  You can find out more about the definition of professional for insurance purposes in our Insurance FAQs

How much does it cost?

Membership - from £89

The cost of membership depends on the annual income (including donations) of your group. You can also purchase insurance for your group at an additional fee.

Pro-rata: Membership fees are pro-ratad (50% off) when joining after 30 June.

Discounts: If you are a brand-new group (started within the previous 6 months) you will qualify for a 50% discount. Discounts are also available for certain other groups (see 'Discounts' below). 

Membership and insurance packages run from 1 January-31 December each year. So if you join now, your membership (and insurance if purchased) will end on 31 December 2018. 

If you would like to take out membership for the rest of 2018 and into 2019 please contact us and we can give you a discounted rate.

Income bands

Subscription fee

Groups joining between 1 Jan and  30 June

Groups joining between 1 July and 31 December

< £7,200



< £14,500



< £21,000



< £31,000



< £100,000






Insurance - from £43

You can also take out insurance with us on top of your membership. Full details of levels of cover and fees are available on our insurance page. Full members will receive lower premiums than associate members.

Find out more about insurance

Membership discounts

Starting a new group discount: 50% on joining

Getting a new group off the ground can be challenging. To help you along the way we offer a 50% on the membership subscription fee. This gives you full membership rights – including access to our Model constitution to help you get set-up as a Charity as well as advice from our expert team. To qualify for this discount your group must have formed in the last 6 months or be in the process of forming.  

To find out how to receive this discount contact us  

Youth Groups discount: 25% on joining and renewal

We believe passionately in youth music and to help those groups dedicated to engaging young people with music offer a 25% discount on the membership fee on joining and at each renewal. To qualify your members must all be under 21. 

To find out how to receive this discount contact us  

Low income discount: 50% on joining and renewal

We know some groups operate on very low incomes but still provide invaluable musical experiences for members and the public. To help support these groups we offer a 50% discount for groups whose income is less than £1000/year. If you apply for this discount we may ask you for proof of income. 

To find out how to receive this discount contact us  

Association of British Choral Directors members (ABCD): 25% on joining

Any new member group which includes an abcd member receives a 25% discount of their first year of membership. 

To find out how to receive this discount contact us  

Members of affiliated organisations

We also offer joining and renewal discounts for members of certain affiliated organisations. The amounts vary and can be found in the table below along with the relevant code. If you join with a discount each year we will invite your group to renew your membership with the relevant renewal discount already applied. 

To find out how to receive this discount contact us  

Organisation Joining discount Renewal discount Discount code
Member of BMG 10% 10% BMG
Member of Handbell Ringers Great Britain 10% 10% HRGB
Member of Ty Cerdd 10% 10% TYC