Musical Instrument Insurance Plus

Making Music offers fantastic musical instrument insurance, created especially for amateur musicians where you need it most.

Many amateur musicians think their instruments are covered by their household contents insurance, but unfortunately loss or damage to property away from the home, or to more expensive/'high-risk' instruments often aren't included in home policies as standard.

Musical Instrument Insurance Plus makes it easier and cheaper to get the right cover where you need it most: when you’re at home, travelling, rehearsing or performing.

"It's very reassuring to know that my instruments are covered by a specialist instrument insurance scheme. It was so simple and straightforward to set up, and good value. I just had to choose my level of cover and that was it." - Jane, County Durham 

Why insure with us?

  • All musical property covered (instruments, accessories, sheet music, electronic equipment)
  • No lengthy quote process – pick your level of cover and go!
  • All musical property in the household under one policy (no need to specify items)
  • Cover for losses or damage anywhere in the UK or Europe (not just at home!)
  • Hire costs covered for a temporary replacement instrument
  • Cover in locked vehicles
  • No excess (except for computer equipment)
  • Price includes Individual Membership of Making Music

How much does it cost?


Price (per year)

Level of cover



£2,500 cover (single item limit £1,000)



£5,000 cover (single item limit £3,000)



£10,000 cover (single item limit £6,000)



£15,000 cover (single item limit £7,500)

Add Public Liability cover (up to £5M) to any policy above for £26


The value of my instruments is greater than the Platinum package of £15,000. Can you still provide me with cover?
Yes but you’ll need to contact Making Music Insurance Services direct for a custom quote.

My clarinet is worth more than the single article limit of £7,500 - last time I valued it, it was worth £9,000. Can you still provide me with cover?
Complete the join online form to submit details of your requirement(s) to the insurers for a custom quote.

How do I obtain a custom quote?
Complete the join online form to submit details of your requirement(s) to the insurers for a custom quote.

Does it cover instruments not actually owned by us, eg my son's violin is owned by his school?
Yes. Instruments are covered either under the ‘long term’ or ‘short term’ loan definition and applies anywhere in the UK or Europe.

My son sometimes has to leave his French horn at school. Does the insurance provide cover for leaving instruments away from home?
Yes. Cover is provided anywhere in the UK and Europe, subject to the general condition that all reasonable precautions are taken to prevent or diminish a loss.

Does the insurance provide cover for music tech equipment i.e. amps, laptops, audio interfaces, home studio equipment?
Any electronic equipment which is used for making music is included under the policy. Please ensure the total sum insured should represent the full cost of replacement and that the single article limit is adequate.


*Terms and conditions

The price includes a Making Music membership fee of £15, which is required to access our musical instrument insurance. For more terms and conditions about the policy, please read the Making Music Musical Instrument Insurance Plus policy summary.

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