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Corporate member TiME is committed to promoting the use of music technology in education and taking down barriers to music education.

TiME (Technology in Music Education) is a global alliance of music educators, organisations and music industry partners, dedicated to supporting the purposeful and creative use of music technology in education. Since 2019, they have collaborated with highly experienced music teachers and organisations, providing information and free resources on the ever-evolving field of music technology, as well as advising the Department for Education on the inclusion of the subject in the National Plan for Music Education. 

TiME believes in the power of community music and works with its partners to support inclusivity and offer learning and development opportunities for organisations, music leaders and young people. From mixing, recording, composing/songwriting, and music setting – music technology can open doors for everyone of all musical abilities, ages and backgrounds to enjoy and learn music. 

Through their website, TiME offers a free membership and a dedicated area for members to access resources such as top tips for music makers and young people in music education, video tutorials, presentations, blogs, interviews with industry leaders, music tech posters (downloadable) and more. 

The organisation also holds regular free webinars covering a range of topics including social prescribing, music in schools and tutorials on the latest music technology equipment and software. 

The upcoming webinar will focus on the latest version of Soundbeam, an award-winning ‘touch free’ device that uses motion sensor and switch technology to translate even the smallest movement into music, sound and film. The webinar takes place on Tuesday, 12 September 2023. 

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