Apply for the Amateo Award 2019

Applications are now open for the Amateo Award, which is given for an outstanding participatory arts project that adds value for the community.

Amateo is the European Network for Active Participation in Cultural Activities. Founded in 2008 it now includes 35 national and regional umbrella organisations and associations from 13 EU member states and two programme countries. Amateo sees active participation in the arts as a core value for a free and open society. It also empowers individuals to freely express themselves and promotes cultural cohesion, social inclusion and active citizenship with an added value for humanistic and democratic values.

Who can apply?

Anyone involved in an arts project that adds value for their community can apply for the award.

What is the prize?

The winning project team will receive €1,000 and become the Amateo Ambassador for European Amateur Arts. Finalists will be invited to the prizewinners ceremony in Novi Sad, Serbia on 6 June 2019. Expenses will be paid for by Amateo. 


The deadline for applications is 1 March 2019. To find out more and apply, visit the Amateo website.