Audition for National Youth Choirs

Do you know a young person harbouring a passion for singing?

An audition with the National Youth Choirs of Great Britian (NYCGB) could be just the beginning of their musical journey.

NYCGB is made up of five choirs of 700 young people aged 9-25. It offers in depth residential courses and training programmes, performance opportunities and workshops, as well as outreach events all year round.

Who is it for?

Any young singer, whatever their musical background.

There are three choirs auditioning this autumn

National Youth Boys' Choir - from school year 5 until the end of school year 10

National Youth Girls' Choir - from school year 6 until the end of school year 10

National Youth Training Choir - from school year 9 until the end of school year 13

How to apply

Singers can audition for a place in one of the three choirs - there are 22 days of auditions at 18 locations around the UK, between 27 October to 18 November. 

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