Battle of the Somme: show the film and play the score live

Always wanted to accompany a silent film? Show this restored documentary on the Battle of the Somme and provide a live soundtrack with the new score by Laura Rossi.

The centenary of the Battle of the Somme falls in 2016 and to commemorate this event the Imperial War Museum are offering the documentary film of the battle made at the time free for screenings throughout 2016 – aiming for 100 screenings throughout the UK.

To add a little something extra a new orchestral score, by composer Laura Rossi, has been produced to accompany screenings of the film and Faber Music is offering reduced price hire on this, too, to enable as many amateur orchestras as possible to add it to their schedule and join the 10 or so groups already signed up.

You can check out the score on the Faber score library.

What do you need to take part?

  • A venue large enough to do projection and to accommodate an orchestra (and an audience obviously!)
  • Screen, projector, laptop/DVD player and a set of headphones for the conductor. Don’t forget you may need stand-lights as the lights will be dimmed for the screening.
  • Your conductor will be able to synchronise the music and images via a click-track and a practice DVD will be available – apparently this is very easy to master

More details on film and score at

You will benefit from the publicity generated by the UK wide project for your event; you may be able to book a speaker for before/after the event at no cost; and programme notes will be provided. In return, you need to register your event with Somme100Film and include their logo and blurb in your publicity materials.

Standard orchestration is 58 players, there are variations suggested; Faber also have useful suggestions as to companion pieces if you are not showing the film on its own but want to complement it with other music before or afterwards.


  • Hire the music from Faber for £375
  • There are no fees payable to PRS on this project: performance licenses should be obtained direct from Faber and will be approximately £75 for a venue of fewer than 500 seats.
  • If you don’t have a venue with its own technician and projector, Faber Music can help by recommending a freelance technician who can supply the kit and manage the screening for £200 plus expenses and kit hire costs (which could be around £500-£750).

For all enquiries and further details, please contact