Book an emerging early music ensemble with a subsidy!

Making Music presents an exciting opportunity with Brighton Early Music Festival for our members to programme an early music ensemble and receive a substantial subsidy towards their fees

Making Music were thrilled to be approached by member The Brighton Early Music Festival about a new scheme they have funding for which is now available to fellow members.

BEMF run Early Music Live, which is a nine month training scheme and performance platform programme for exceptional early music ensembles in the first stages of a professional career. The scheme is run annually, and ensembles are selected by audition each year.

The festival is now offering 10 promoters a chance to claim a subsidy of between £110 and £275 per group (depending on the size of the ensemble) towards the fee of one of this year’s Early Music Live ensembles.

The five ensembles are:

  • Ensemble Moliere - baroque ensemble
  • Ceruleo - vocal and instrumental ensemble
  • Palisander - recorder quartet
  • Duo Luminarium - viola da gamba and harpsichord duo
  • Duo Seraphim - voice and lute duo

Making Music understand that many of you will already have fully programmed the 2015-6 season, but BEMF have informed us that you may use the subsidies for the 2016-7 season, provided performances are scheduled to take place by the end of June 2017.

To qualify for the subsidy, you need to demonstrate:

  • That your annual income is generally less than £31,000
  • That you don’t normally promote early music ensembles

To find out more about the scheme and its artists and how you can apply, please visit the Brighton Early Music Festival website.

You are also invited to come and listen to all five ensembles perform live at Brighton Early Music Festival in a showcase performance at 3pm on Saturday 31 October at St Paul’s Church, Brighton (10 minutes from Brighton station).

Please email if you would like to claim a pair of complimentary tickets for this performance.

You can also email Clare with any further enquiries and to add your name to their mailing list in order to keep up to date with further news. Even if you are unable to take up this opportunity this year, provided you are interested for the future, it would be helpful to register on Clare’s mailing list. In that way she will be able to demonstrate interest to her funder and hopefully secure the same funding again next year for this great opportunity.