Broadcast opportunity: BBC Radio 3 want to meet your group

Get the New Year off to a great start by having your group's recording played on Radio 3

Early in 2017, ten member groups will be featured on BBC Radio 3's Saturday Breakfast show.

Performing groups of all kinds (vocal and instrumental) are invited to submit recordings - of any style, genre and instrumentation - to Making Music. We'll then whittle down the entries to the top 20 for the BBC to select the final 10 pieces from.

One recording will be played each week during the Breakfast show (7am - 9am, Saturday) from late January. This is a great opportunity to celebrate your group's work and to grow your profile!

How to enter

How long should the piece be? 

Ideally around 5 minutes or less, but if you have a great recording that is a bit longer, do please still send it in.

What else do they need apart from the recording?

Please also send us:

  • 100 words on your group/the recording/the piece
  • 100 words (if applicable) on any particular stories of interest from your group (something specific, e.g. do you run programmes with local schools? Have you been going for 150 years? Has singing/playing with your group helped a member through a tough time?)
  • Dates and details of any concerts you have coming up between January and April

Please send recordings to: Sally Palmer, Making Music, 8 Holyrood Street, London SE1 2EL or email

What is the deadline?

To stand the best chance of being chosen, send us your recording by Monday 9 January (in time for the first set of programmes).
If you can't get your recording ready in time, don't worry - we will continue to accept applications up until Monday 30 January (for the broadcasts in February).

What if we submitted a recording for one of the past broadcast opportunities but weren't selected?

You can either:

  • Ask us to include the piece you submitted previously (no need to re-send the recording)
  • Send us a new recording

What format should we submit our recording in?

You can submit:

  • a CD
  • a USB stick
  • electronically online

The preferred electronic format if ripping the audio from a CD is WAV rather than MP3. The quality of your recording will be a strong deciding factor in whether your piece is selected, so please do select the best possible recording.