Celebrating Unity and Diversity: The Hand in Hand Festival

Hand in Hand, the UK and Ireland’s LGBTQ+ biennial choral festival, set to take place in Bristol on 16-18 August 2024, is a celebration of music, diversity and community. Christian Wismann, Creative Director of Hand in Hand, invites members to get involved.

Music possesses a unique ability to transcend barriers, uniting people and nurturing a sense of belonging. Nowhere is this phenomenon more evident than in the Hand in Hand Festival, a distinctive biennial event that celebrates both the LGBTQ+ community and the potency of music.

A harmonious tapestry of unity, the Hand in Hand Festival is an exceptional gathering of LGBTQ+ choirs from across the UK, bound by their shared adoration for music and their aspiration to cultivate a harmonious world that honours diversity. This inclusive festival, which commenced in 2013, has evolved into a vibrant tapestry of unity, camaraderie, and empowerment.

Harmonising in various cities

One of the distinctive aspects of the Hand in Hand Festival is its migratory nature. In each rendition, the festival graces a distinct city, adding to its rich history and engendering a sense of anticipation among participants and attendees. From London to Brighton, Manchester to Cardiff, Newcastle and beyond, the festival has woven its melodious enchantment across the nation.

Embracing diversity

At its essence, the festival is a tribute to diversity. It's a platform where LGBTQ+ choirs, irrespective of their size or experience, can share their voices and stories through music. It's a reminder that the potency of music transcends labels, and it's a realm where individuality is commemorated in all its forms.

Bristol Beacon partnership: A new chapter

The forthcoming Hand in Hand Festival promises to be even more exceptional as it finds its residence at the iconic Bristol Beacon. This partnership extends beyond a mere venue; it's a declaration. It's a collaboration that underscores inclusivity, acceptance, and the profound impact music can wield on society.
The Bristol Beacon, a celebrated cultural centre nestled in the heart of Bristol, echoes the festival's mission to craft a space where everyone's voice is not only heard but celebrated. It's a locale that amplifies the festival's message of unity and acceptance, resonating with both the performers and the audience.

Embracing all voices

The Hand in Hand Festival embodies more than mere music; it's a celebration of human connection. It's a reminder that, irrespective of our origins, we all share a common language when it comes to music. It's an arena where narratives are shared, emotions are articulated, and bonds are formed.
In a world that often appears divided, the Hand in Hand Festival shines as a beacon of optimism. It exemplifies that when we unite in the spirit of harmony, extraordinary transformations can occur. As the festival approaches its 2024 iteration, set against the backdrop of Bristol Beacon, the anticipation is tangible. With each note sung, each chord struck, and each heart moved, the festival continues to weave its narrative of unity and diversity, one melody at a time.
For those who have participated in the Hand in Hand Festival and for those who are yet to experience its magic, this biennial celebration is a testament to the idea that music truly possesses the power to transform the world, one song at a time.
Join us at the Hand in Hand Festival – a celebration of unity, diversity, and the unifying force of music.

Christian Wismann
Creative Director at Hand in Hand Festival

Registrations for performers open on 1 October 2023. Visit the Hand in Hand Festival website for more information about how to get involved. Follow the Hand in Hand Festival on  Facebook and Instagram