Corporate member blog: ABRSM's digital Performance Grades

New corporate member ABRSM introduce their Performance Grades, which bring the essential skills of communication, interpretation and storytelling to a regulated qualification.

Performance Grades are 100% assessed from recordings that you submit, so performances can take place at home, at school or in a community setting – perfect for all ages with the freedom to choose where to record and with whom, offering flexibility and accessibility.

With greater musical choice, you can choose the pieces/songs, control how to arrange them into a programme, and decide how to best get across musical interests, tastes, strengths and personality.

Alongside Performance Grade exams at Grades 1 to 8, there is also a remotely-assessed option for taking the ARSM diploma.

Performance Grades are not replacing the existing Practical Grades, but offer an additional progression route – you can switch between Performance and Practical exams as you progress through the grades. Practical Grades and Performance Grades share repertoire lists. The exams are equivalent in demand and value to the existing graded music exams, but have a different emphasis, with a focus on performance.

As with Practical Grades, a total of 150 marks are available overall: 

•    The four pieces/songs will be marked individually with a maximum of 30 marks for each. 
•    Examiners will use the established criteria to mark the pieces – assessing pitch, time, tone, shape and performance. 
•    A separate 30 marks are available for the ‘performance as a whole’ – the examiner will be assessing communication, interpretation and delivery.

To find out more about the new Performance Grades, visit the ABRSM website