D-Day 75 remembering together

Raise your voices in song to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of D-Day on 6 June 2019. The new project for choirs, communities and schools includes two new songs for the nation to sing.

HMDT Music and The Royal British Legion are commissioning two new songs from writer Stephen Plaice and composer Matthew King, ‘D-Day’ and ‘Two Minutes’ which you can sing with your group on 6 June to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of D-Day. Both songs will be available to download and use free of charge from early April. 

The songs - what to expect 

In ‘Two Minutes‘, a soldier asks us to spare two minutes of silence to remember as he looks back in time, from his place in the landing craft and reflects on the storming of the Normandy beaches. By ensuring we remember and try and understand the experiences he and his fellow soldiers went through, we can ensure their lives are not completely lost.

In ‘D-Day‘, children ask ‘what can we do?’ before the invasion, inspired by posters asking them to do their bit, a question echoed by today’s children 75 years on. ‘Remember us’ reply the huge host of contributors to Operation Overlord. The question, memories and response, are all knit together by Gran in the great pattern of Time, enabling us to understand and remember.

How to get involved

For more information including the sign up form, visit the HMDT music website

A series of lesson plans and activities for those working in music education are available here

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