Guest blog: Summer choir tour to Prague is a hit

Corporate member Club Europe tells us why touring with your group is worthwhile.

Going away on tour isn’t part of every choir’s calendar, but for the Abermore Singers from Shropshire it is now, following their first, very successful music tour to Prague this Summer.

“Prague was excellent in all respects,” says Abermore’s music leader Alistair Auld.

“Touring is a great reason for having a holiday and combining that with singing and socialising with friends in a group. It also brings the group closer together. We sang in a beautiful church tucked away but close to the city centre. The ambience and atmosphere inside were inspiring.”

In addition to their church concert, the choir also performed in the Czech Museum of Music.

Abermore’s choir tour was put together by specialist music tour operator, Club Europe.

“The main reason we used a specialist tour operator was the promise of good concert venues and excellent audiences, which were fulfilled. I was impressed with Club Europe's helpful staff, who showed a good deal of patience when changes and additions were asked for. There was a willingness to provide a good service and understand individual needs. The concert management was excellent, helpful, efficient and highly professional, which resulted in large audiences in wonderful performing venues. They gave us an excellent service throughout and made us feel that they really cared.”

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