HMRC requests feedback on online Gift Aid service

A team from HMRC’s digital service design department is looking into ways to simplify the process of claiming Gift Aid online and improve the service’s user experience.

Your experience and opinions matter!

If you have claimed Gift Aid previously, we encourage you to provide your feedback on the process. The team at HMRC is especially interested in learning which aspects of the service work well and which do not.

Your feedback is key to improving the quality of the service and will help lay the groundwork to make it easier, faster, and more efficient for those claiming it. 

There are three ways you can share your feedback, either: 

  • Take five mins of your time to complete this brief survey and share your thoughts

      Take the survey

  • Contact the team at HMRC Gift Aid at and arrange a convenient time for you to have a short conversation about the service
  • Additionally, the team are also looking to hold user research on a new prototype of Gift Aid service to test its usability. The research will be held through Microsoft Teams. If you have some time to devote to this important research, please contact

Find out more information on what Gift Aid is and how you can make a claim for your group through our resource page