Inspiring choirs – the work of abcd

Jonathan Startup, Chair of adcd (the Association of British Choral Directors) explains about the work abcd do and how they can help Making Music members.

We are the only UK organisation specifically for supporting and training people who lead choirs, with over 750 members.

Our website is full of useful resources for anyone involved in running choirs, including a vacancies page which is free to advertise on. No less than 80 posts were advertised there in 2013, and though we don’t always know whether posts were eventually filled as a result, it is the most visited page on the site, and we know from personal experience how good a response an ad can get.

We also offer:

  • conducting courses to suit everyone, from Initial to Advanced level choral
  • conducting apprenticeships
  • events for singers, eg exploring new repertoire, often led by the composers themselves

Many former course students and abcd members have gone on to great success, and include conductors of award-winning choirs, with BBC Choir of the Year and School Choir of the Year winners and finalists. Choirs often see benefits in supporting their directors or assistants with the cost of courses or attending abcd events.

If your current musical director is not a member, there is a special introductory subscription for conductors of Making Music member choirs – why not make them a gift of their first year’s membership?

So abcd is an organisation of choral directors, but not just for choral directors. Please come to our session at the Making Music autumn conference where we will offer tips on appointing and working with musical directors. And have a look at our website and see how we can help you, your choir and your director make great choral music together.