Instrumental groups - get featured on BBC Radio this summer

This summer, ten instrumental member groups will be featured on BBC Radio as part of the Get Playing initiative, celebrating and encouraging amateur instrumental music.

Groups are invited to submit recordings - of any style, genre and instrumentation - to Making Music. We'll then whittle down the entries to the top 20 for the BBC to select the final 10 pieces from.

The chosen recordings will be played over one week during the Proms season on either BBC Breakfast or In Tune (and possibly local/regional radio). This is a great opportunity to celebrate your group's work and to grow your profile, so what are you waiting for?!

What if we don't have a recording?

We've teamed up with Jim Unwin at 360 Music who are offering Making Music members a 15% discount on recording services, so if you've not yet got a recording of your group, now's a great time to get one made! Contact Jim on or call 07972610393 and quote your group name to take advantage of the discount.

How to enter

How long should the piece be? 

ideally under 5 minutes, but if you have a great recording that goes over that do please still send it in.

What else do they need apart from the recording?

Please also send us:

  • 500 words on your group/the recording/the piece
  • your website address
  • any social media handles you use

Who do we send the recording to?

Please send recordings to: Sally Palmer, Making Music, 8 Holyrood Street, London SE1 2EL or email

What is the deadline?

9am Monday 4 July.

What format should we submit our recording in?

You can submit:

  • a CD
  • a USB stick
  • electronically online

The preferred electronic format if ripping the audio from a CD is WAV rather than MP3. The quality of your recording will be a strong deciding factor in whether your piece is selected, so please do select the best possible recording.