Join the One Day One Choir global initiative and sing for peace on 21 September

The event on International Day of Peace has brought together more than a million people from 70 countries since 2014.

If you enjoyed taking part in Make Music Day, how about joining a global singing initiative of harmony and friendship on the UN International Day of Peace on Friday 21 September?

Singing together has always played a powerful part in bringing communities together in a social and healing way. One Day One Choir uses the 'harmonious and uniting power of singing together as a step forward to peace and unity' on a global scale. Since the event began in 2014, more than a million people in over 70 countries, from all walks of life and types of singing groups, have joined in - and you can too.

Groups of all sizes, levels, genres and styles can take part: from schools and symphony choirs to community, faith, friend, social, fun or work place groups. You can choose whatever repertoire resonates with you, and you can pick any kind of venue: hotels, hospitals, parks, work places, playgrounds, faith buildings, on the street, in concert halls, care homes, stations, prisons, shopping malls, public squares – even in a car!

You can also sing what you like, as long as it’s appropriate for peace and unity, or you can dedicate a song or something you are already performing on 21 September at a concert, service, rehearsal or event. You can also download and sing new songs composed for One Day One Choir from the website.

Share your videos and photos on social media on the day, and tag #OneDayOneChoir to join the movement for peace.

To sign up and access the free songs visit the One Day One Choir website.

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