Make your nomination for the 2016 Music Libraries Award

There are two awards: one for a music library and one for an individual, presented every two years – and you can nominate now

Want to sing the praises of YOUR music library or music library staff, but don’t quite know how?  Well, IAML (UK & Irland), the International Association of Music Libraries, may just have the answer for you.

Their 2016 Excellence Award for Music Libraries highlights and celebrates activity in music libraries showing sustained good work and good practice with the potential to be adopted and adapted by others. The Award is open to all music libraries in the UK and Ireland, no matter what their sector, size or type.

The 2016 Personal Achievement Award recognises outstanding achievement by individual members of staff in music library services, whether or not their library has been nominated for an Award.

The aim of the Awards, presented every two years, are to highlight and celebrate all the good work that goes on in music libraries – and from Making Music’s experience over the last two years that is often in the face of a lot of adversity, particularly of a financial kind. So if your music library deserves praise, make sure you shout about it and nominate them now!

To nominate, please read the guidance and use the nomination forms on the IAML website. You can also email Ellie Miles for further details or if your need clarification.

If you’re nominating a library, you only have to complete the supporting statement (the nominated library is then asked to supply the evidence).

If you’re nominating an individual, the award is judged solely on the supporting statement which you are asked to complete.

The deadline for nominations for the 2016 Awards is Friday 27 November 2015