Map your music in London

The Mayor of London has created a music map that lists performance, recording and rehearsal spaces in London

The map is the first-ever of its kind that covers music facilities across the city. By taking into account music venues, recording studios and rehearsal spaces, the map will be used to help protect and nurture the music scene and the facilities it needs across the capital.

Research for the map has so far found more than 1,000 venues hosting a regular schedule of music; this includes 94 grassroots music venues, 38 musical theatres and over 500 pubs and bars. It has also mapped 75 recording studios, 83 rehearsal spaces contributing to London’s music scene.

However there are still a great number of rehearsal spaces and performance venues yet to map - and this is where you can play a key role in informing the researchers about all the spaces that you use, from churches and schools to community halls. The Mayor is calling on Londoners to use the map and feed into the research to ensure local venues, rehearsal spaces or small recording studios are also captured.

“I want all Boroughs, the music industry and communities to make the most of this extensive new research. This way we can support the music scene in every part of our city to flourish, nurture new talent from all backgrounds, and continue to keep London’s music scene on the map.” Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London

This map is a core strand of the Mayor’s Cultural Infrastructure Plan, which sets out to identify what needs to be done to sustain London’s future as a cultural capital. 

Boroughs across London are being encouraged to use the new data and comprehensive map in order to better protect existing venues and to create the right environment for new venues to flourish. Find out more about the research on the Mayor's website.

To tell the researchers about your performance venue or rehearsal space, go to the map's legend and select the option to 'Suggest a facility'.

Access the map