Read the results of a new study into the links between leisure time music groups and communities

As music makers, we all know (and studies have consistently shown) how significant and varied the benefits of leisure-time music can be for the health (physical and mental) and wellbeing of participants. But what about the beneficial impact of these activities on local communities?

Evidence of this impact is extremely useful when we are making the case for leisure-time musical activity, but we realised there was no research from the UK which examined the impacts of the groups’ existence on their local community, and how significant they may be.

That's why, in 2016, we approached Professor Stephanie Pitts and the Sheffield Performer and Audience Research Centre (SPARC) of the University of Sheffield, and began a joint investigation.

The resulting report begins to give us a clearly evidenced picture of what we think is the very significant social and economic impact of music groups on their communities.

"We very much hope this will lead to a more extensive piece of research as we continue to pursue these important questions together." - Barbara Eifler, Chief Executive

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