Sing for peace as part of One Day One Choir

Find out how you can join an international singing movement to honour International Day of Peace on 21 September.

The hope is that choirs of all shapes and sizes will participate; amateur, professional, long established, or created specifically for the day. So if you are in a choir, why not join in this exciting project and sing on (or around) 21 September with an event dedicated to peace and unity.

In 1981 the United Nations General Assembly declared the first International Day of Peace, and it has been observed annually ever since. It is devoted to strengthening the ideals of world peace and since 2001 has been held on 21 September each year.

It is well recognised that culture, and particularly participation in creative activities such as singing, has a far reaching positive impact. It can help hold communities together by providing shared experiences and shared success. As a creative activity that exists around the world, music is almost uniquely placed as an experience that can cross boundaries and bring people together.

During the commemoration years of WWI 2014-18, One Day One Choir aims to inspire and encourage people to focus on peaceful thought and action. With so many conflicts around us today, this is an important and ambitious initiative that aims to have millions of people joining in and singing for peace together by 2018.

The project has been created by Jane Hanson FRSA, a choral aficionado, project leader and educator, who is passionate about peace and choral singing and has researched and documented the positive and powerful impact of singing together. Anybody can get involved and to do so all you need to do is create or dedicate an event which includes singing together with a focus on peace, and let One Day One Choir know what you are doing by signing up on their website.