Talkin’ ‘bout climate

Find inspiration for your music group to get involved in and engage with Climate Change.

As individuals, our contribution may be small; as groups, we can amplify that in many ways.  

At Making Music’s most recent Climate Change Network event, we heard about the nominees for Making Music’s first Green Award, between them providing plenty of practical inspiration.  

We also heard about Indigo’s research which suggests audiences are expecting cultural organisations to be role models in this area, so considering your carbon footprint and talking about it publicly may positively impact your audience development, too.  

The event went on to discuss a new guide, Talk Like A Human, on how to effectively communicate about climate change – whilst written by a US team, it contains many strategies applicable across the world.  

You can find all the resources and links shared at the event on our dedicated page (feel free to email us with anything we should add there to share with everyone).  

The next Climate Change Network event takes place on Thursday, 15 February. Mark this in your calendar! 

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