Ukulele music groups launch a lending library

The North West Ukulele Project and Ukulele Buddies have collaborated with the Atkinson and Southport library to launch a free ukulele lending library.

Adult members of the Atkinson and Southport library are now able to borrow a ukulele the same way they would borrow a book. This project, run in collaboration with The Atkinson Development Trust, officially launched on 7 October with performances from music groups the Ukulele Buddies, the Ukulele Project, and from local tutor Karine Woodward and her students. There was also a series of 'breakdown' sessions where members of the public could try their hand at playing an ukulele.

'This ukulele lending library is the perfect way to connect with others, learn a new instrument and make friends.' - Nicola Chambers, founder of the North West Ukulele Project

The launch included a presentation of how the library loan scheme will work - besides being able to borrow the instrument, members also get access to online resources from the Ukulele Project and a six-week beginners course with Karine Woodward. Both the loan scheme and the beginners course are free of charge to Southport residents with a library card. This also marks Southport Library as the first North West library to operate a ukulele loan scheme. 

Over 100 people attended the launch event and all 28 ukuleles went on their first loan with all the first course places taken, and half the second course places already booked. Attendees from the beginners course are already going out into the local music community and attending open mic nights.

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