Welcome to our new Corporate Member Bands for Hire

We’re pleased to welcome Bands for Hire as Corporate Members of Making Music.

Bands For Hire is a UK based music agency with a passion for exceptional musicianship and vocal ability. Founder Adam Mezzatesta began life on the music scene as a songwriter and performer, working in a function band as a way to fund his original musical projects. In 2010 Bands For Hire was born with the ambition to bridge the gap for working musicians looking to make a living whilst also pursuing a career in the music industry. 

With an active roster of over 300 acts made up of over 1500 musicians, Bands For Hire is currently focusing its attention on investing in talented up and coming young musicians looking to enter the function band market. Bands For Hire works closely alongside new bands, investing in promotional material such as videos, photographs, studio time and equipment, with the guarantee of steady work and income. This year Bands For Hire is on course to book over 3000 corporate and private events generating over £2.5 million in revenue for their artists.

Why is Bands For Hire different? With a background as an independent musician, Adam's primary objective with the Bands For Hire investment scheme is to create a partnership between the company and its musicians that benefits both parties equally and fairly. That means flexible contract terms, fair agency fees and a lot of hard work from everyone involved.