Write a letter to help protect the arts in schools

Looking for a way to help protect arts education in schools? You can do this by simply writing a letter. Bacc for the Future, the Cultural Learning Alliance and What Next? have produced a toolkit to help you get started.

Many schools are reducing the numbers of hours, teachers, subjects and choices on offer, damaging the talent pipeline to the creative industries and denying children of the social mobility and opportunities that the arts offer. There is a real risk that the benefits of studying the arts will become the preserve of only those who can pay for it.

The Bacc for the Future campaign wants to reverse the downward trend of the arts in schools and encourage schools to invest in arts, culture and creativity by highlighting its importance to policymakers. If you write one letter in support of the arts in schools you could make a real difference. If you write more than one, or can make your case in person, then that's even better. You can do one or all of the following.

Write to:

  • your local councillor
  • your local MP
  • the National Schools Commissioner
  • the Education Select Committee members

This toolkit gives you a template letter, ideas of for the key facts and figures you could include and how to get it to the right people. 

Download the toolkit