A Different Direction Choir

A Different Direction Choir is about fun, it’s about having a good time and challenging ourselves at the same time.

We’ve called ourselves this because we don’t act as a typical choir might. We’re regularly having a laugh, we don’t stay in our seats all night, we get up and move around. We love to have singing ‘huddles’ or to mix ourselves up and sing together next to someone completely different. We also choose different music, taking ourselves where we want to go with the music we love. We also have a great time singing a capella music (unaccompanied), one of our favourite styles – it’s a challenge, but it’s certainly not beyond our reach.

This makes us different, this pushes us in the direction we want to go – we are A Different Direction Choir.


Community Choir

31 - 60 members

Main: Rock/pop/reggae
Principal area of operation

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