Photography award

Making Music is delighted to launch its first ever award for best photograph of a leisure-time music group.

Nominations for 2020 have now closed

The range and breadth of leisure-time music groups across the UK is vast, and each group has its own distinct identity. But what makes your group special, and can you communicate that in one image? It may be an image you already have, or you may want to get creative right now and take a new one. Formal or informal, literal or abstract - there is no right or wrong picture!

Best photo of a leisure-time music group

The theme for the 2020 competition award is an image that captures the 'spirit of your group'.

You will need to submit:

  • One photograph
  • 250 words describing how the image captures the spirit of your group, and the context in which you used or will use it
  • Photo does not have to be professional and can be taken on a phone, but any taken by professional photographers are also eligible

Nominations are now closed for this award.


The prize:

  • A framed award
  • Session with a professional photographer