Risk assessment for COVID secure performances

After more than a year of constantly changing regulations in all four nations of the UK, we have rewritten this guide and brought it in line with the newest reduced restrictions and guidance, and also the latest thinking on Covid-19 transmission risks and how to mitigate against them.

Previously all four UK nations issued sector specific guidance for the arts. These have now been replaced and groups should now follow the more general guidance for their specific nation. These are:

Covid-19: Can my group get back to in-person activities?

Guidelines covering how music groups can get back to rehearsing and performing are being published in the different nations of the UK: 

Website Health Check – is yours in shape?

Ever wonder how you could enhance your group's online presence? Can't remember the last time your website received a good spring-clean? Never fear, our brand new Website Health Check is here!

An exciting new tool specially developed for member groups, our Health Check is designed to help you find out if you are making the most of your group's site, or whether it can be improved. The tool also assesses how effective your group’s website may be in helping you to recruit new members.

WellRehearsed app for rehearsals

WellRehearsed is a free and anonymous rehearsal Covid-19 infection reporting app for leisure-time music groups of all kinds, instrumental and vocal, developed by the Association of British Choral Directors (abcd) and Making Music.

Covid-19 is likely to stay with us for a while, so this monitoring tool is intended to provide statistics on safe group music making during the pandemic. 

It will help your group, and the sector, in two ways:

How to use the Return to Rehearsal survey

As you think about if – and how – your group should get back to rehearsing in person, your members' views are paramount to the decision-making process. 

A survey is a great way to understand how your members feel about returning, and to gauge the mood of your group. To help you with this we have developed an online survey that you can send to your members. 

PRS Self-assessment tool

As part of your membership with Making Music, depending on whether you have a licence and where you performed, you might be able to pay PRS fees through us. Even if you don’t need to pay through us, you still need to make a declaration. Use this page to help you decide what you need to do.

We are currently collecting PRS fees for performances that took place between 1 November 2019 and 31 October 2020. We will collect for concerts after this date at the end of 2021. 

Musica International - the choral music database

Making Music is a member of Musica, an international project to create the world’s largest database of choral music. Through this arrangement, all our members have access to the database too. 

Musica has a powerful search tool and holds an incredible amount of detail, including information on over 200,000 pieces of choral music and biographies of over 33,000 composers.

Whether you are looking for programming inspiration, teaching resources or just browsing for fun, Musica is invaluable for anyone with an interest in choral music.

Making Music Platform

An all-in-one online admin tool and website to help you run your group. Manage your members, plan your activities, take card payments, promote events and much more - everything you need in one place. 

    How to make the most of your Making Music account

    We've put together some guides on how to maximise the use of your Making Music account, including how to manage your group via Manage My Group, advertise events and vacancies, and change your personal mailing preferences and saved pages.

    How to update your group contacts
    This explains how you can manage your group through the My Dashboard area of our website; this includes inviting new members to join you on Making Music and setting website permissions

    GDPR interactive guidance tool

    This audit tool is part of our GDPR toolkit. It is intended to help you think about the questions you need to ask about the data your group holds, asks for and uses, to help you meet your data protection responsibilities.

    How to use the audit tool

    GDPR is a meaty topic with lots of information, not all of which will be relevant to you. This tool is designed to help you filter the information to what is relevant for your group.