Musica International - the choral music database

Making Music is a member of Musica, an international project to create the world’s largest database of choral music. Through this arrangement, all our members have access to the database too. 

Musica has a powerful search tool and holds an incredible amount of detail, including information on over 200,000 pieces of choral music and biographies of over 33,000 composers.

Whether you are looking for programming inspiration, teaching resources or just browsing for fun, Musica is invaluable for anyone with an interest in choral music.

Key features 

  • Easy to use search tool:
    • use the advanced search on vocal forces, instrumentation, duration, difficulty, composer nationality and more - so if you want a challenging piece to fill 15 minutes in your programme for a French-themed concert, Musica is the place to go.
    • search quickly by title, composer or keyword
  • Detailed information on the music, including:
    • publisher, copyright, vocal forces, instrumentation, duration
    • genre, mood, tonality, difficulty
    • information for much of the music also includes images of the score, the text, translations, and video and audio recordings. 
  • The database also contains details of where you can borrow from - this is often from Musica member libraries in Europe but some UK libraries are included.

As a member of Making Music you can get free access to the database via the link below.

Access the Musica database


Conductors and librarians can also contribute to the database by adding referencing and description to existing scores. For permission to write into the Musica database, email the Musica office

Groups can also manage their own choral libraries in Musica, by setting up private fields on new or existing records. Find out more about managing your own scores.


We would really like to know if use the database, if it’s useful and what you think about it – so please get in touch.  

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