Discounts and subsidies

Discount on The Maestro Online music courses

Maestro Online, a Making Music premium corporate member, offer music courses with a fun, popular approach to piano, organ, singing and aural.

Making Music member discount

Maestro Online is offering Making Music members an exclusive 25% off Maestro Online courses with promo code MakingMusicUK2022.

ACS is offering Making Music member discounts on their custom and universal hearing protection products

ACS specialise in hearing protection for musicians and music lovers. They offer a range or attenuating earplugs that reduce damaging frequencies but still allow you to hear the music – ideal for a leisure time musician. 

You can find out more about ACS on their Making Music Corporate Membership blog and on their website

Custom Fit Hearing Protection 

Partnership with Sing Ireland

Making Music is delighted to announce an exciting new partnership with Sing Ireland, an association which supports communities of singers across Ireland. With the shared values of developing and supporting all forms of group singing, we hope that this is the first step to bringing our musical communities closer together.

Musica International - the choral music database

Making Music is a member of Musica, an international project to create the world’s largest database of choral music. Through this arrangement, all our members have access to the database too. 

Musica has a powerful search tool and holds an incredible amount of detail, including information on over 200,000 pieces of choral music and biographies of over 33,000 composers.

Whether you are looking for programming inspiration, teaching resources or just browsing for fun, Musica is invaluable for anyone with an interest in choral music.

Making Music discounts: Overview

We know that many of our member groups operate on a tight budget. Working with our corporate members, we’ve collected more than two dozen discounts, subsidies and offers to help our members save on everything from sheet music to booking artists and making recordings. 

Composers Edition

Founded by Dan Goren and launched in 2013, Composers Edition is a unique publishing enterprise, which works to bring composers and performers together, and facilitates and celebrates music making involving contemporary repertoire. 

The Composers Edition team is especially focussed on opening up new music to musicians and programmers who might feel uncertain about what and how to programme or commission new work.


MusicGurus, a Making Music premium corporate member, have a simple aim: to be the number one place to learn music online.

Making Music member discount

MusicGurus are offering Making Music members an exclusive 15% off MusicGurus online courses with promo code MAKINGMUSIC15.

Gift vouchers are available and make an ideal present for music lovers.

test-meter: CO2 monitor discount

Since lockdown has eased, identifying poorly ventilated areas in your rehearsal or performance space has become a key part of assessing Covid risk. Monitoring carbon dioxide levels is a vital part of this. Our Corporate Supporter, test-meter, are experts in the field and are offering our members advice and a discount on a carbon dioxide monitor to help. 

Mediating COVID-19 issues

Making Music Corporate Member Hugh Elder Mediation is offering Making Music member groups five hours of free mediation to help resolve COVID-19 related issues, such as venue hire and professional musician engagement.

What is mediation? 

VAT Advice

Free VAT consultation for members