Subsidies for engaging professional artists: Overview

In the current climate, it can be financially tough for leisure-time music groups to engage high-quality professional artists for their concerts. Making Music offers special schemes to help member groups engage artists at specially reduced or subsidised rates.

Philip and Dorothy Green Young Artists subsidies

The Philip & Dorothy Green Young Artists (PDGYA) scheme enables young musicians at the start of their careers to gain vital concert and recital experience across the UK, while Making Music members can engage some of the very best young musical talent at a reduced cost.

    Browse the 2020 and 2021 Young Artists on our website

    How do I book a Young Artist?

    PDGYA Live Concert Subsidy

    The Young Artists can be engaged by any Making Music member group for a live, in-person concert:

    • Soloist: £250 (of which £150 can be claimed back from Making Music)
    • Accompanist: £250 (of which £100 can be claimed back from Making Music)
    1. Request the subsidy from Making Music by filling in the online PDGYA subsidy request form below and wait for us to confirm that it's available.
    2. Contact the artist to make a booking, using the contact details listed in our Young Artists booklet.
    3. As soon as the artist has confirmed the booking, contact us to let us know at
    4. We will then send you guidance on how to include Making Music logos and acknowledgements in all publicity materials and programmes. This is a condition for claiming the subsidy.
    5. Agree a contract with the artist, and send a copy of the signed contract plus full details of the concert to Making Music.
    6. You must ensure that all publicity and programmes for your concert, including posters and flyers, use our logos and acknowledgements as specified in the guidance we provide.
    7. After the performance, you pay the artist the full fee and expenses (and those of the accompanist if there is one).
    8. You then send us copies of your publicity materials in order to complete your claim for a subsidy. Payment will be made by bank transfer as soon as the claim form has been approved by our subsidy administrator.

    All arrangements to confirm and carry out the booking must be done directly with the artist, including sending the contract/letter of engagement and discussing arrangements for travel, accommodation and the proposed programme.

    Request the combination of subsidies that suits you below.

    PDGYA subsidy request form



    Selected Artists Subsidy

    To help some of our smaller promoter groups (who have an annual income of under £14,500) with the cost of booking professional artists, these groups can apply for a subsidy on bookings with Making Music's Selected Artist Guide 2020, up to and including 31 March 2023. 

    The Guide lists all our Selected Artists, gives a sample of their repertoire and their contact details.

    See the Selected Artists Guide

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    Artists Expenses Subsidy

    Smaller promoter groups can apply for our Artist Expenses Subsidy (AES).

    • The subsidy is available to promoting groups with an annual income under £14,500
    • Groups can claim one subsidy per year (e.g. September 2021 to September 2022)
    • Subsidies ranging from £50 to £125 are available where travel and accommodation expenses total at least £80
    • You can claim this subsidy when booking any artist

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