Making Music discounts: Overview

We know that many of our member groups operate on a tight budget. Working with our corporate members, we’ve collected more than two dozen discounts, subsidies and offers to help our members save on everything from sheet music to booking artists and making recordings. 

Covid resources: Overview

Although governments' Covid measures are no longer in place, the virus is still prevalent in the UK and it may take some time until things are completely back to normal. So we've updated our Covid resources and added new ones to help you, as we learn to live with Covid

To find out what living with Covid means for your group, guidance on what measures you could take to minimise the spread of Covid, and to access risk assessment templates, have a look at our new resources for performances and rehearsals.

Marketing resources for your group: Overview

Marketing is a broad term and covers a huge range of activities. From researching potential audiences to composing social media posts, choosing your group's 'brand colours' to deciding on ticket prices: these activities all feed into how your group is seen; how potential members, audiences and supporters feel about it; and whether they decide to engage with you.

Increasing your income: Overview

We know one of the biggest worries music groups have is the long-term financial health of their group. Even groups who make a surplus each year can have that nagging thought: ‘what happens if something goes wrong next year?’ More money would mean less worry and more stability, and perhaps more importantly it would mean more opportunities to try new things and ways of enjoying making music.

Starting a music group: Overview

At Making Music we work with over 3,700 music groups around the country so we have a pretty good overview of what’s out there, how running a music group works, and some of the common challenges that groups face today. Even with so many groups already out there we hear from people interested in starting up new groups all the time.

Resources for Music Directors: Overview

Being the musical director (MD) of a group is a diverse role with a lot to think about from conducting, arranging music and developing the group to leading, inspiring and encouraging cohesive working.

Committee members: Overview

A committee is a group of enthusiastic people who care about their group or organisation, want to see it thrive and are willing to take responsibility for making that happen. A committee position requires good organisational skills, a willingness to give up some spare time and the ability to co-operate with others. 

Musical licensing and permissions: Overview 

Whether you are performing, writing, rehearsing or recording music, you’ll probably need to be covered by a licence. But knowing where to start, what you should consider and what you need to do can be confusing. This resource will introduce the permissions and licenses you may need and how to get them.

Even if your group has never needed a licence it’s worth taking some time to understand music licensing because: 

GDPR: Data Protection Overview

Data protection is about organisations collecting and using data in a fair, responsible and transparent way. It puts the emphasis on needing a good reason for holding and using the data and being clear about what those reasons are. It also emphasises the need to have consent from individuals (in some situations), and the individual’s rights over their data. New data protection laws (often referred to as GDPR) came into force in May 2018.

PRS: Overview

Performing Rights are the right to give a live performance of a piece of music which is in copyright. For each performance a fee will be due to the owner of the copyright for that piece of music (known as royalties), which is usually collected by PRS for Music. 

Who are PRS for Music? 

PRS for Music is a collecting society representing the performing rights of its songwriter, composer and music publisher members in the UK. PRS for Music licenses the use of its members’ music, collects royalty payments on their behalf and then distributes them.