PRS: Overview

If you’re putting on a public performance of music in copyright you’ll probably need to pay royalty fees, sometimes called PRS fees. It can be a complicated area but it’s important that you understand your obligations and pay fees where necessary.  We have lots of resources listed below that will guide you through, explain how it all works, and tell you what you need to do. 

If there is a topic that we have not covered that you think we should, or if you have any other questions, just get in touch.

PRS video guides (part 1): What are PRS fees?
Part one of our two-part video series on Performing Rights Fees (PRS) gives a quick overview of what PRS fees are and whether you need to pay them

PRS video guides (part 2): Paying PRS fees
Part two covers how you pay PRS fees 

How to pay performing rights (PRS) fees
Detailed written guidance with everything you need to know about PRS fees; what they are, when they’re due, and how to pay them.  

PRS Self-assessment tool
Use our tool to work out if PRS is due on a concert, and how you should pay it. 

Performing Rights (PRS) FAQs
Over 40 FAQs to answer all those questions tricky ‘Do I owe if…’ and ‘How do I know if…’ questions

Performing Rights (PRS) for dramatico-musical works
Grand rights apply to the performance of musical works designed to be accompanied by dramatic action (e.g. musicals, opera, and panto). They have different rules and things to be aware of. Find out more in our detailed guidance 

Performing rights (PRS) royalties tariff: 1 Nov 2020 – 31 Oct 2021
Making Music member groups performing in unlicensed venues can pay PRS fees through our license with PRS for Music. Find out our current license rates for concerts taking place between 1 Nov 2020 and 31 Oct 2021 

Performing Rights (PRS) programme upload
When paying your royalty fees at the end of the year you must also submit programme details for each concert you pay for by either sending your programme to us with audience number written on or filling out the online submission form. Declaration slips are no longer required.

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