Supporting deaf people and those with hearing loss

In 2023, Paul Whittaker spoke to our members at two events about how groups could support instrumentalists and singers with hearing loss to take part in music-making. This resource covers the good practice suggested by Paul and members that attended those events, for any music-making group working to include deaf people and people with hearing loss in their regular activity.  

Webinar recording: Climate Change Network

Our fifth meeting in our Climate Network series (original event 11 April 2024) discussed the ways in which music groups could come and share their learnings on climate-related music projects.

The speakers for this event were:

Webinar recording: Where do I find sheet music, and at what price?

In this recording of our webinar (original event 8 March 2024), we talked about the options available to members for sourcing sheet music.

Webinar recording: #MakeSpaceforMusic - Get involved

In this recording of our webinar (original event 16 February 2024), we talked about our progress on our #MakeSpaceforMusic campaign, since its launch in Autumn 2023.

How to make your group easy to find online with SEO

It can be very difficult to get new people to discover your music group. But with our handy resource for beginners, you too can start using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to improve your website’s search rankings.


Webinar recording: Understanding and influencing parish and town councils in England and Wales

In this recording of our webinar (original event 20 October 2023), we learned about how local authorities work, and what music groups can do to influence their decision-making.

Glossary of LGBTQ+ terms

There are many terms related to LGBTQ+ issues and it might seem overwhelming at first. But fret not - this glossary should help you better understand your LGBTQ+ members as you work on getting your music group to be more diverse and welcoming.

Working with transgender singers

Working with transgender singers in your music group might be a new experience, but breaking it down into smaller steps would better enable you to support your transgender members on their music making journey.

In practical terms, much of the guidance from our LGBTQ+ inclusion guide is applicable when working with transgender singers. This guide, written by Dr Kathleen Cronie and Dr Michael Bonshor, will provide some extra information about the following questions:

LGBTQ+ inclusion guide

Sometimes LGBTQ+ people encounter barriers to getting involved in music making, but by making some simple adjustments to your practice you can work towards creating a more inclusive environment where they can thrive in your group.

Webinar: INCLUDE programme launch

In this recording of our webinar (original event 25 September 2023), Making Music launched INCLUDE, our 18-month inclusion programme where we will work with four member groups to explore what leisure-time music groups can do to include more people, from a more diverse demographic, in their regular activities.